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It’s generally accepted that as we advance into the last third of life, it’s a good idea to reduce the risk of our investments. Why not reduce the risk to zero? After all, as we near retirement, we simply can’t afford to lose as much as when we were younger.  Sometimes people are afraid of missing out on a big rise in the market. What if you could capture all of the gains in that event with a 100% guarantee against loss? This is the complete safety people dream about—no more tossing and turning at night! In fact, there is a way that you can do this.

It may sound too good to be true, but here’s how it works: Your money is never really invested in the market, so it’s never at risk. A financial market index is used as an outside reference point to determine your profits. Whenever the index goes up, you make money. When it goes down, your money is guaranteed against loss.

One of the latest financial products available that does precisely what we’re talking about also guarantees an additional 4% return each year regardless of the market’s action. For example, if you had a 5% gain in the market, you’d receive an additional 4% for a total of 9% return for that year.  If the market index was down for the year, you’ll, at the very least have 4%.

This product also has an option to convert your accumulated money at any time into a never-ending stream of cash that you and your spouse will receive for the rest of your lives, no matter how long you live!  While you’re receiving that pension-like income, the money you’ve not yet received will still be accumulating gains, business as usual.

This product is called a Fixed Index Annuity. There are hundreds of this type of product on the market, but only one lets you keep 100% of the gains. Other annuities currently allow you to keep 2 – 3% of the market’s gains on average. Unlike other annuities, this product is the only one that stacks an additional 4% on top of whatever you make that year. Did I mention there’s an up-front bonus of 7%? The issuing company will add 6% more money to your accounts on day 1, just for purchasing the product.

If you’re unhappy with the return on your IRA or 401(k) or worried about the possibility of loss, you can roll over some or all of your money into this annuity with no tax event. With the up-front bonus, you’ll have 7% more money immediately.

You don’t have to worry about missing the boat regarding market action. With this product, you get to play the financial markets and never experience a loss! Millions of Americans know the peace of mind that comes with this fantastic “sleep at night” vehicle. Over the last three months, this particular annuity has become the number one, top-selling annuity in the whole country. There are a very limited and select number of advisors who have been appointed and authorized to present this product.

Stop worrying and take a look at this amazing opportunity!

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